Reiki Activated Robes

Reiki Activated Robes

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Handmade, Reiki Master Activated Robes for maximum comfort, elegance and protection from the elements. Wrap yourself in a blissful robe for your next Savasana, to and from class, or throw on a hip-length robe as a blouse or jacket to instantly add elegance to any outfit.


Blessed and activated for unconditional love

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One size fits all! Robes are hand-made, Reiki Activated by a Reiki Master including an unconditional love activation. Additional activations or blessings available by request. 

Colours and pattern may vary. Chiffon is bridal-quality chiffon in the following colours: Black on white, white on black, blush, cream, emerald, floral multicolour. Additional robes may be available in lace, eyelet, knits and other materials. Please indicate at the time of purchase which colour you prefer.