Unleash inner peace and profound freedom

Clairvida was founded by Michelle Righetti, Reiki Master Teacher, certified Yoga teacher, Actor, Singer, Dancer and Director. After years of injury recovery and pain from long, gruelling rehearsals and shoots, and over a decade working in the airline industry, Michelle discovered that Reiki, Yoga, and Meditation not only helped her heal her body- but also opened the door for an entirely new dimension to be accessed in her art.

Now she is sharing these practices so that you, too, can unleash this freedom as part of your ongoing training discipline.

We work with you to clear old patterns, in order for the new patterns to emerge.

Our certified healers and teachers work with you to create this freedom. We help you identify blockages in your energy that can show up as lingering emotions, tension, pain, restriction or repeated experiences that leave you frustrated and stuck in a loop.

We can help you break those loops. Reset your energetic systems. Come back into balance. And build stronger, more intentional ways of being that will help you manifest the life you have always dreamed of.


Are you ready to heal your inner power?

5/5 Stars

Michelle is extremely present, thoughtful and responsive. Beautiful attitude and very good guidance.