Handcrafted Reiki Activated Mala Bead Necklace (unisex)

Handcrafted Reiki Activated Mala Bead Necklace (unisex)

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108 Beads to help you focus, meditate, or connect with your spiritual journey.

These handcrafted Mala Bead Necklaces contain 108 beautiful natural stone beads, plus three counter beads to separate the sections, and one Guru bead in the centre.

Knotted vs unknotted strands: Both are available, and a the choice is a matter or preference. The function of the Mala is the same. Knots can help your fingers to travel from one stone to another, and with more fragile stones can help to create space and prevent the stones from eroding. However, if you prefer a sleek look, a stretchy mala or a thinner bead profile, unknotted versions are also available. Try one, or try them all!

Bracelets are 18 beads, plus a Guru bead (and some include a decorative tassel to represent enlightenment, or a charm to mark the halfway point in your meditation).

The Mala sādhanā (practice) { also known as japa}:

  • Begin at the Guru bead, and infuse it with your intention. You will not cross this bead again, as it holds your intentions, and is representative of your teacher.

  • Next, hold the first bead between your thumb and forefinger. Repeat the mantra. prayer, or intention you wish to meditate on for this session. Repeat this process for each of the 108 beads, using the counter beads to help you count the sections, and to stay focused if your mind wanders. (For 18 stone bracelets, repeat your mantra ten times around the bracelet, changing directions each time so as not to cross the Guru bead.)

  • When you arrive back at the Guru bead, you can close your practice by focusing again on your intention for a few moments, before returning to the present moment with your clear and refreshed mind.

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