Reiki Activated Room and Aura Spray

Reiki Activated Room and Aura Spray


Brighten your environment with these all-natural, artesanal Body and Aura Sprays! Wear them, inhale them, relax to them, invigorate to them. 150 mL of love in a beautiful, reusable blue glass bottle, for the longevity of the planet, and his product’s freshness.


Ingredients: Water, Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) (Vegetable Glycerin* some scents only), Essential Oils (*listed by scent.  Never tested on animals.

Body & Aura Spray:
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These all natural sprays can be used almost anywhere! Safe to spray on you, your pets, your room, your yoga mat... wherever you want things to smell pretty and be naturally freshened without harsh chemicals or inexplicable ingredients. 

Please note, Tea Tree Oil is toxic for pets. Please read the ingredients before using and keep your furry friends safe! Never leave a diffuser unattended.