Tap into new dimensions…

with Reiki

We all have old patterns that we hold onto unconsciously that no longer serve us, or are holding us back. Reiki supports you in letting go of those old patterns, and manifesting your dreams into reality.

Reiki is an ancient healing modality originating in Japan. It works using a system of symbols and hand placements to effect and heal the energetic body, creating a flow of energy, and helping to release tension, energetic blockages and stagnation, balancing the chakras and promoting healing on a deep and long-lasting level.

What can Reiki do?

  • Reiki can help you to deal with emotional blockages, trauma, and release past Karma.

  • Reiki can help you regain control of your energy, by helping you to cut the psychic and energetic cords of the past relationships and experiences that drain you of your vital life force energy.

  • Helps manage, alleviate or reduce pain, and support a holistic body work treatment plan.

  • Helps you to manage stress by teaching you meditation, visualization and breathing techniques, self-soothing techniques, and calms the nervous system.

  • Helps promote healing on a physical, energetic and spiritual level by letting you connect with each dimension of your being, and send healing energy exactly where you need it most. Whether you are experiencing a time of change, dealing with an illness, or looking for ways to help you create what’s next in your life- Reiki can help.

  • Reiki can help undo negative or harmful patterns of thought or behaviour, so that you can manifest healthy, loving patterns that support you to achieve your dream life.

  • Reiki can help you to identify what karma is presenting itself for healing now, giving you clarity and a plan for action in your life.


Services include:

Reiki Treatment (including Chakra Balancing, energy clearing, crystal therapy)

Reiki Treatment for Fertility Support

Fertility Yoga & Meditation Classes

Private Suspension/Antigravity Yoga

Private Yoga sessions

Meditation Sessions

Yoga, Meditation and Reiki - The Actor Series-

Sound healing

Pranayama Breathing sessions